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Thinking About Giving Us a Break? We are Bigger than Kit-kat. (Allergic even) We all about that Milk ish!!!#ImJustSaying ——>> DEAF to all the Bullshit. (Yeah You guessed it, Eva Day! )

26 Jan

What I saw First. Eva

So Eva Eloho Omotola Alordiah is  an amazing woman to behold. She had warmed  my heart long before now with her GIGO EP.

GiGO Eva

Her rap-sing style is hers. Many try to have the same classy yet sensual effect on the listener  but fall short. I think it’s just a gift. From  the So Sick Produced I done Did it, to Make ‘Em Say, Gibberish, as well as GIGO E.P favourites like Crazy ft SauceKid, High, Never say Goodbye ft Ese Peters (preceeding 3 Produced by Gray Jonz, the last co-Produced by Ese  Peters ) –

(this is where I might have said the dude is a genius but I will have some chill and continue), Dow Low, Produced by TinTin, And the queen of sexy songs Ehh! (aside: Where Biggie at?? :p) Produced by Bigfoot of micworx, she steady put all her chips down to prove to her soon to be fans that she is indeed a versatile rapper who is fluid in her craft and can be as much rap as she  she is an indie artiste and make it all come together. While being a hottie I must add.

.eva alordiah simples.

This is not forgetting hit singles Daggerer (Bigfoot), Big Biggie,her feature on Zeez track Fido Dido and her most successful track till date, Mercy (I shall now caps BIGFOOT!!!) which now has 8 elctro-dance mixes by DROX. (How many other Big Boys and super girl’s y’all know pull that stunt off? None? Okay) Just so I can say in your face Nizzies, here’s the Sound Cloud link. https://play.spotify.com/album/0xYHK0HQ4qJhrVCpxTOMQA

Fast forward to almost two weeks ago. @d_angrymob says to me yo Eva has opened up my year. I’m like Oh? Then he dps this solitary monkey (or baby chimp, you lot decide)With Deaf  written over its head.

Me sha, (lemme sound like my roots small abeg) as an Eva stan I thought I’d be hearing something similar to her  Stay (yanni)  Cover. And indeed I wanted to hear it. If you can’t remember  Stay, This is its single art.


But come this weekend (Friday) at about 4pm GMT I got a shock! A pleasantly tomboyish, I can shine past this industry shock!!!

Deaf- Eva!!!

Explicit:  http://www.hulkshare.com/crazyfx/eva-deaf-3

Edit:  http://t.co/6w0fbkdxht

Trusty Nokia Lumia earphones at the ready. I got drawn in by Gray jonz’ artful soundtrack of a beat. And then this EmineM Protege began to tell us her story. With the trusty obvious message of please lemme to shine in peace blasting through.

(No I shall not drag controversy out on this streets babe. If you are a blogger looking for tori out here, y’aff fail ki n ji? ) Those of us who follow music news have heard many things here and there to draw conclusions but I shall not.

This track tells many people whose aim it is to cash in on a rising star to please hold on, she she won’t slap you. (Baby steps Yoruba. As long  I can sing it I get what it means abeg)

She is blissfully critical of the industry at present and its non-nurturing atmosphere of pointless but long pitches and a lot of package-naffery and calls it all excrement.  Sigh. Nathalie dearest, please stop fearing NBC and say Shit   already. Maybe I fear my dad. *Love you Mr W.* waves.

I won’t go on and on about it like I want to. Instead, I shall summarise what I want to say in the 3 sentences the youngest member of my team gave me at his first listen to the edit. (I’m a good sister, I shield  him)

1.) Producer keeps us all locked inside this song from start to finish.

2) Eva is very vocal about the industry she is in but is fearless and will rise above it.

3) He will definitely listen again. -Oh he has. I made sure of it.


Patrick Elis has shot the Video already family!!! Isn’t God awesome?

Just don’t go #DEAF



Moving on.