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My (not so formal) review of Don’t Kill the Disco. (#DKTD) by Olaolu. —>>>@PERVROCKER

17 Jan

Laolu's promo stuff 1.

For a Lagos, Nigeria born and bred mortal, the last thing one would think you would like is rock music of any kind. Then…trance? Ermm what is that???     *In an exasperated mother’s voice.*  But for Olaolu whose sole choice of lover in the world of music has always been rock we tell a different tale. Artistes like Jimmy Hendrix, U2, R.EM, Lenny Kravitz, Bon Jovi, Elton John, and Micheal Jackson are his prime musical influences. So in theory, that “started from the bottom” something has never really been something we could attribute to him. Why? He had always been up there with the big guys. According to him, Electronic/Trance music was a genre of music he  picked up later on in life and fell in love with. This genre of music also influenced his Electro-pop project and single Cosmic Love, His love for the freedom, energy and dramatic sound of electronica records have been his main attraction to the genre.

One cold day almost seven weeks ago, (yes I got it almost a week in advance of release date) :p I got mail with a heading that said something along the lines of: The Hit is here. I took a deep breath and hoped it was as great as his debut single Cosmic Love. He was good enough to hint me that at first listen I may not find it as intriguing as I should find it for me to be sure that it had the makings of a global hit. (Thank you, you are ever so kind) x

First listen. No fireworks.  Really. But as is a typical phenomenon of work produced by Bigfoot of Micworx. (The Maestro has produced cool kid favourites like ehh by Eva, Spinning by Boogey ft Ese Peters and one of my most loved tracks ever; Mercy, by Eva (did I ever tell you Eva is amazing?) Okay Nathalie this is Olaolu’s time to shine…

By the second listen I tried  something different. Turned out my lights. Increased my volume, closed my eyes and allowed the music take me. Then I felt it.

The melange of tribal rhythms and western percussion in sync with each other.  And as seemingly dissonant yet enjoyable rhythms and notes found my ears, I connected with the gentle coax of Olaolu’s versatile voice asking me to let go of my idea of the norm of what dance music should be and discover this amazing new way to live with loving music. He tells us what this seemingly new music is called and invites us to get lost in the TRANCE.

If you can’t find your way into this world, picture neon lights, monochrome jackets and hot (male) models.

(Oh you cant? Why? Oh. Jonah squad? Ah O ma se oh.)

And as is becoming the norm with Olaolu, he puts in a catch phrase  asking the world to dance in his birth Language- Beremole mu’jo mu’jo.

He intends to bring something new to the African Music Industry and also the World by merging the European Trance House sound and fusing it with Afro pop music to create an entirely new, different and exciting sound; as he told us just before this track dropped. If this is all he ever wanted to do in this life then boy, has he outdone himself.




And I re- used that photo cos I love staring at it! :p

Enjoy Olaolu’s  second single and follow up to cosmic love called #DONTKILLTHEDISCO here—–>http://www.hulkshare.com/oleolade/dont-kill-the-disco


New Music!!! Gray Jonz- FALL.

13 Jan


Nigerian and African music has seen it’s own mix of music that tries rather hard not just to appeal to the entire continent but to the world at large. And within the last few years such tracks have indeed come forth. Those of us with the knowledge of how good music draws us all in can attest to the fact that any good song requires four major things. Amazing production, good and catchy lyrics, a beat and melody that is unforgettable and a voice that leaves a mark on the heart of its listener.

One act that brings all these to the table is (The Legendary) Gray Jonz; producer for some of the biggest African music heavyweights in the last decade including Djinee, M.I, Ice Prince, Dipp and the versatile indie Rapper/Singer and Performer Eva as well as a gifted Rapper and singer. 
He brought us tracks like Money(ft Base One) and Mi O Ran yan (ft. label mate Hayo Niel), produced Hayo Niels’s If I fall, produced Eva’s High, Co produced  Eva’s Never say Goodbye with Ese Peters and produced the euphemistic jewel we know as Lights Out. (Also by Eva)
His new single Fall is quite different from most of the music he has brought us so far.  This is largely because it is something very close to his heart. The lyrics tell his story of an attractive baller, hit hard by Cupid’s arrow. He makes amazing use of his vocal prowess in this song and brings in hints of afro- dance rhythms in the production making this the perfect song for a dreamy day in, or a sensual night ou on the tiles. In my opinion, ladies this here is a dream. And all you (m)heterosexual guys best go tune up and sing this to all those special ladies in your lives. Gats. Why? Any woman who hears that she has “stolen (your)cartridge” will gladly consider showing you her “mumu button.”
Doubt me?
Press Play.