28 Jun
Hi everyone!
Da_sweetthin is here again with her dose of what is hot!
In this age where glitzy cars and tales of the quest to belong to a higher social class are the order of most African soaps, Indigo, seeks to bring us something  new, by focusing on the inner travails of the music industry across the world, with a Nigerian twist.
It is Directed by AMVCA-winning director Imoh Umoren who is part of the new generation of emerging Nigeria filmmakers best known for his works All Sorts Of Trouble, Have A Nice Day, Deadline etc.
It stars:
  • Munachi Abii a former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria who has garnered a massive following through her impressive modelling and music careers.
  • Wana Udobang, who is a very popular radio OAP with Inspiration FM and host of the hugely successful Touching Lives.
  • Geoffrey Orji the winner of the just concluded Project Fame.

It also features highly-rated actor Baaj Adebule as the anti-her Desmond Okoye, Nollywood star Shawn Faqua and a myriad of exciting new talents including Nigerian indie rocker, Olaolu.

Episode One Synopsis: Myra Goodman is surprised to find her ex Desmond Okoye in her apartment when she gets in and tries unsuccessfully to get him out before Kassim Kassimu gets there. the plan doesn’t work and there’s a face off between the two men. Meantime it’s eviction night in a music reality show and Uche and Vivian nervously await the outcome from the judges. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=WmqD8-dIxjk

Episode 2: Myra is upset at the eviction of Uche from the reality show and begins deliberating with the idea of a boy band. Desmond’s enthusiasm about landing a new act is cut short when he gets to the studio and discovers that S.Mono the rapper he thought he had discovered is rubbish. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wTTcTmnDyqM

Episode 3: Myra heads to Uche’s with Pauline to try and conscript him into her band, He is undecided about music still hurting from being eliminated from the reality show. A drunk Desmond shows up at Myra’s and chaos ensues. https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLUqsFygfaTt6Hd2W0tDDKE3Dwlm56-s9A&v=gWO-ICXGJT0

Episode 4: Myra is mildly surprised when the Pizza delivery guy turns out to be an amazing singer…I can’t tell you the rest, you gotta join join the movement!!!





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