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18 Feb

Amazing piece on Ibeyi’s work by my favourite prince ever!

Prince Adewale Oreshade's Blog

_new_Tw_gallery_img(1)THE IBEYI ALBUM: FACTS, MYTH, LYRICS, AND ALLEGORY – @ibeyiofficial

In discussing Ibeyi – the twins, and the album – I have decided to divide this essay to three parts. First part will highlight Nigeria’s peculiar state with respect to multiple births in the world, and what scientists think is the cause.

The second part will discuss the yoruba meaning of Ibeyi, the ibeyi tradition, its evolution, and how we Nigerians should embrace yorubas of other countries as our siblings. It will also discuss the true history of yemoja, sango, osun, and oya as it relates to the twins hospitality.

The third part will look into the lyrics of five of the songs in the Ibeyi album – Mama Says, River, Yanira, Oya, and Think Of You. I will be discussing the lyrics and my interpretation of the allegory in the music videos, as they relate to the Ibeyis actually…

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