The Nomina by Simon Hinter (EP Review)

21 Oct

My Simon Hinter Review for Enjoy!


Review of The Nomina EP by Simon Hinter

Simon Hinter is a German House producer signed to U.K label Tenth Circle records. This is his first offering with them. He has previously released work on PHIL, Midnight Shift, Amajin Records and Luv Unlimited.  His most acknowledged work (to my knowledge) prior to now is his Better Life EP produced while he was on PHIL Records in 2011.

Simon Hinter - Nomina EP Review Simon Hinter – Nomina EP Review

There are three tracks on the EP.




I shall look at each track individually and then share my opinion on the entire EP ☺

Track 1.

Regenmacher is a German word which means rain maker. This track aptly starts with cymbals and percussion expertly blended with soothing melodic sounds and subtle changes in the arrangement, forming a sort of ‘sound painting’ where the listener begins to feel as though they were…

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