Change your sign, arrive on time; ambush! The Eazy+ Story-review.

7 Jun

Good evening mortals and strategists, da_sweetthin is home again after a self-demanded hiatus. Yes, I demanded a hiatus because quite simply, I needed to have a worthy reason to face  the music again. As usual, I occupied myself with amazing things but this is not quite the post for divulging any of those.

Now let us return to the reason we are here– EAZY PLUS


Born Omowunmi Ezekiel, this act don tey for this place fa. Do not get it twisted. He came to us first as Minus 2 (-2).

Before you ask how good he was at maths, I’m guessing there was a sort of attachment to a calculator that I am unaware about. But for reasons pertaining to the way that the industry cookie crumbles, he didn’t necessarily shake the place up.We can blame many things for that– production, A&R, mixing and post-production, depth of track,  inability to find the style that would suit him and his abilities as a vocalist and the absence of any real publicity for his brand.

Fast-forward  to sometime in late April, I began to hear of the new stuff coming from a re-branded act called easy plus and to be honest, I wasn’t quite keen on it because as I had mentioned earlier, I was looking to hear music that was worth it’s salt as I had heard enough from the apparent music pros in the Nigerian and indeed African music  industry that did a lot of negative things to my psyche. (Cue #DoroEveryDarnThing).

But considering the geniuses working on the project that is Eazy Plus, I had enough faith to see what would come forth.

back final

In May, Track one graced my ears. TinTin totally slayed that track for me.  Total package.

The progression into the body of the song began to paint the subject matter for me before seemingly flawless vocals came in. Notice I said seemingly.  TinTin’s tin drum entrance with coke bottle, wood snapping and rice-bottle sounding percussion holding it all together painted a picture-for me, of a ghetto street anywhere; Osodi, Bariga, whatever is left of Maroko behind the fancy houses on the Lekki peninsular, Dublin’s inner city, Stade de France, Dakar’s textile market, or even Shanghai’s inner city, where children and youth with very little  hope for a better life take to improvisation to create a sound that describes them, because if all fails, music heals.

The message of this song is simple. Life on the street has a lot to do with the absence of the police or any form of security because the establishment apparently knows the caliber of people who live in the area in question and the level of delinquency so to speak that abounds therein. It also touches on the availability of cheap booze and green grass and call girls who because they come from the streets and need to survive, have no time for any lover without the money for a house on Glover. (Road). It also shares the story of how hard it is to rise out of obscurity because of the hate that  comes with dreams of a better life from those around and how on the street life goes on in spite of things like no money for the rent, no food, no electricity and so on.

Eazy plus struck a chord for me writing this song with Maytronomy and Jason Blu. This is where I would usually say how much I love Maytronomy but I would rather say how important it is for an artiste not to rely so much on their own song writing ability. This song embodies everybody’s story of the street. not just that of the act whose vocals sit on the track’s instrumentation. This means that I can pick the one that relates to me and hear other stories like a child at story-time.

And remember what I said about seemingly perfect vocals? The producer and A&R team must have sat this through and come to a sort of fertile middle ground where the act did not need to try too hard to achieve perfection and still make sure he didn’t drown the track with the magic of the vocoder.

Street value: 9

Mellow Chill value: Infinite.

Global Music lover value: 7 -because it is a mix of languages, the message of the track will sit well enough in anyone’s ears. And if all fails, the production is flawless.

Download Link:



So you are wondering why I did not start talking about the second single “enter town” yet ba?


Produced by Oluzey and Jason Blu.

This track is the “yes I have been a LASTMA but I am now here” track. The late bloomer anthem. And to be honest the first time I heard it I turned it off. But be patient with it. It will get you moving by the 5th listen alone. One thing I must warn you of though is its ability to get you moving on amps.

Download Link:

It cannot yet be graded because I know for how long I have had to listen to it and draw my conclusions and honestly I don’t think I have had enough time to do it justice. Fine wine stuff though.

Did y’all also pick up that its official release date was D-Day memorial?

It was a plan. The plan was to give you all the act that has exactly what it takes to give real music lovers faith in his industry-one in which Skuki is called “new act” after over five years in the game and #DoroHot is now something that can be counted as a lyric.

(I love the MAVINS but biko what is that?)

Final words?

Know when to change your style and find the right team. Listen to that team. Let them mold you. And make adding you to any playlist EAZY!

His album Mirror is due out in August.

We wait.

ff @EAZY_PLUS @TintinandTins @d_angrymob.


Until next time mortals…





2 Responses to “Change your sign, arrive on time; ambush! The Eazy+ Story-review.”

  1. ladada June 8, 2014 at 8:05 pm #

    Great stuff nats! Flawless writing and great songs. Preferred the 1st 1. Or was I influenced by your praise of it?


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