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The Medicine known as SUKO music…Meet Temisan, ( detailed Story Review)- A lover’s guide to music.

14 Feb

Temisan's amazing photo


Three  years ago, at a time when I had honestly begun to tire of similar sounding mix tapes and club sweepers, @GerryGustavo was ever so kind as to send me THE SEXTAPE (A mix tape). Let me be honest with you. I did not listen to it for a very  long time. Why? It was called the sex tape. And as a young christian girl I found it a bit scandalous to listen to an all sex mix tape. When I was told that the YBMH run blog site would love me to review it I reluctantly gave it a listen. I loved it! (In a Lord I am waiting for Jesus way of course)

But I had found it erm… tricky to review  it still because I had done that female’ SEX??I don’t even breathe’ thing where I didn’t really want to be seen as someone who listened to ‘heat inducing’ music so I politely turned own the idea of reviewing it when it dropped. (Thank you Gerry for understanding, x). Stuff following that mix tape were (in my opinion) experimental. In my ears they were not always as crisp as the mix tape I had secretly enjoyed. (in a when YOU are ready Lord Jesus kind of way I beg to add- (again) ) So I sat down hoping I could adore his music again sometime soon. This is not to say that I didn’t have a song or two post mixtape that I thoroughly enjoyed. There was Ole. I really loved the way it was effortlessly a great Blues track. Bereft of the unnecessarily gimmicks we find in most global offerings of late. Here is a link—>>

And For the girls, a song that I heard even before an older offering JOROMI which now has an amazing video directed by MEX of PXC records, has a  vibe to it that I still cannot particularly place. But wait that was his plan. SUKO music.

To Joromi.

This is the song of LOVE. Nothing captures love like the spirit. And what is the food of the spirit? Music.

Gray Jonz… “How has he featured in almost all your reviews this year” you ask? He just is always working. And as such one of his music efforts will drop, whether  production or vocal or rap and I WILL like it. and it will end up here. If e dey pain you? Bring ya own! 🙂

So Gray went all lover on this track and produced a track that brought out the sense of love and longing and movement that Temisan had wanted he told me when I had asked him about the track in my joy at how distinct a love song it was and how it reminded me so much of hot rainy nights swaying to Zouk and soukous in Dakar; an experience which my host family had thought was the perfect treat for a  studious researcher in love with music. (Oh did I love it)

This is one song I had planned to praise. But I cannot. Words cannot describe the raptures this song and its video are capable of inducing. Shout out to the PXC of Life @PXC_Gray and @PXC_Mex. I think you have just blessed a career.

To 31 Records, Temisan’s family, I say as long as he can always remain true to his craft you have a Gem.

To all of you, Here is my gift of love,