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Thinking About Giving Us a Break? We are Bigger than Kit-kat. (Allergic even) We all about that Milk ish!!!#ImJustSaying ——>> DEAF to all the Bullshit. (Yeah You guessed it, Eva Day! )

26 Jan

What I saw First. Eva

So Eva Eloho Omotola Alordiah is  an amazing woman to behold. She had warmed  my heart long before now with her GIGO EP.

GiGO Eva

Her rap-sing style is hers. Many try to have the same classy yet sensual effect on the listener  but fall short. I think it’s just a gift. From  the So Sick Produced I done Did it, to Make ‘Em Say, Gibberish, as well as GIGO E.P favourites like Crazy ft SauceKid, High, Never say Goodbye ft Ese Peters (preceeding 3 Produced by Gray Jonz, the last co-Produced by Ese  Peters ) –

(this is where I might have said the dude is a genius but I will have some chill and continue), Dow Low, Produced by TinTin, And the queen of sexy songs Ehh! (aside: Where Biggie at?? :p) Produced by Bigfoot of micworx, she steady put all her chips down to prove to her soon to be fans that she is indeed a versatile rapper who is fluid in her craft and can be as much rap as she  she is an indie artiste and make it all come together. While being a hottie I must add.

.eva alordiah simples.

This is not forgetting hit singles Daggerer (Bigfoot), Big Biggie,her feature on Zeez track Fido Dido and her most successful track till date, Mercy (I shall now caps BIGFOOT!!!) which now has 8 elctro-dance mixes by DROX. (How many other Big Boys and super girl’s y’all know pull that stunt off? None? Okay) Just so I can say in your face Nizzies, here’s the Sound Cloud link.

Fast forward to almost two weeks ago. @d_angrymob says to me yo Eva has opened up my year. I’m like Oh? Then he dps this solitary monkey (or baby chimp, you lot decide)With Deaf  written over its head.

Me sha, (lemme sound like my roots small abeg) as an Eva stan I thought I’d be hearing something similar to her  Stay (yanni)  Cover. And indeed I wanted to hear it. If you can’t remember  Stay, This is its single art.


But come this weekend (Friday) at about 4pm GMT I got a shock! A pleasantly tomboyish, I can shine past this industry shock!!!

Deaf- Eva!!!



Trusty Nokia Lumia earphones at the ready. I got drawn in by Gray jonz’ artful soundtrack of a beat. And then this EmineM Protege began to tell us her story. With the trusty obvious message of please lemme to shine in peace blasting through.

(No I shall not drag controversy out on this streets babe. If you are a blogger looking for tori out here, y’aff fail ki n ji? ) Those of us who follow music news have heard many things here and there to draw conclusions but I shall not.

This track tells many people whose aim it is to cash in on a rising star to please hold on, she she won’t slap you. (Baby steps Yoruba. As long  I can sing it I get what it means abeg)

She is blissfully critical of the industry at present and its non-nurturing atmosphere of pointless but long pitches and a lot of package-naffery and calls it all excrement.  Sigh. Nathalie dearest, please stop fearing NBC and say Shit   already. Maybe I fear my dad. *Love you Mr W.* waves.

I won’t go on and on about it like I want to. Instead, I shall summarise what I want to say in the 3 sentences the youngest member of my team gave me at his first listen to the edit. (I’m a good sister, I shield  him)

1.) Producer keeps us all locked inside this song from start to finish.

2) Eva is very vocal about the industry she is in but is fearless and will rise above it.

3) He will definitely listen again. -Oh he has. I made sure of it.


Patrick Elis has shot the Video already family!!! Isn’t God awesome?

Just don’t go #DEAF



Moving on.


My Mind’s Picture. In High Resolution

23 Jan

Hello everyone.

This is an import from a blog I chose to leave alone of late. I have published a lot over there and sometimes I read it like a stranger when I am searching for new ideas.  I would tell you where it is, but that will take from the originality of this one when every blue moon I look through my posts (as well as my numerous drafts) to find the basis for a new post.

It was written when I didn’t know who it was I was angry with, but I knew that I was angry. I was keen to forget about the pain I felt, discover who had caused this anger and resolve to move on.

We could say it was my own form of restitution.


The teardrop stood still as I heard;

Remembering all the times I actually cared for selfish ramblings of a child that never really grew.

Asking what to do.

As the hurt felt so new, different, kinda like it were opium seeping through the veins of another new addict, totally oblivious of the perils to come in the form of deletion of feeling…

But I had felt it before…why was this alien? Why did my blood go cold? Why did that split second hold my life in the balance? Wasn’t she the dress thief in the hidden coral reef of my past that I hailed as “Cara” because I saw her for what she painted-Spring’s bidding new leaf? My hearts little dress thief…

But the relief is in knowing that no one will eat our harvest for us but we, the planter. I say we because a blue blooded maiden has decided to leave the picture of poppies where it belongs…Seeping into the sands of time ravaged by Neptune’s salt water of Justice.

I pause for redress…Forever…


Now I ask, is there ever a relationship (A friendship is one of those) that you were ever in that made you angry that you were in it, yet sad to be out of it because you felt as though you had come so far to really live without it?

I’d love to hear your views.

Yes those of you who would rather mail me are free to do that too. If you can’t you know my handle. Gimme a shout about it.



Dusk 23: Nathalie

23 Jan

Hello world. I wrote this post for @0toxic’s blog. And I thought to share.

nostalgic words of future me

Nathalie is back. Nathalie with her beautiful name. Today seems to be a day of beautiful names.


The world was lost in electro-house right now in my room and I am feeling thankful for my entire existence. Writing has increased for me this year like I had hoped this time last year when I wrote last for the blog. Love didn’t really work for me last year. But my heart is strong. Music pre-release reviews were encouraging within and outside Nigeria in 2013. I look forward to sharing so much from within with all of you.
I will share a secret. This will take me 12 minutes to draft. I had believed I was up tomorrow. Sigh. Sorry guys. I wanted to share a personal story with you this year. But maybe heaven wanted me to do this instead.

Last year also, I learnt that once you can write…

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The Thread remains the same; Whether Scarlet or as the derivative of a Controlled Group. —>>>Say Hello to Threadstone

22 Jan

So as with the last post I did here, it’s all about rock music and it’s derivatives for me of late.

Today though, let’s have a bit of an open convo style review shall we? I ask questions, you answer; while you read.

Ever been told rock was bad for you?

When you were growing up and you saw a rock video with your mother, (The picture of my mum while I watched In the End by Linkin’ Park is still a scar on my insides I can’t heal alone.) did she just give you some “JUSTICE” for delving into things that seemed wrong because she didn’t get the darkness?

Ever been told you had to be an Emo or Goth or something in-between to like rock?

If any of your answers to this is yes, then I have a treat for you.

I present to you the brotherhood known to the world as Threadstone.

E dey Blood

Formally known to those of us who sought for greatness through the north of Nigeria as kids; (complete with little sacks of unrefined sapphire stones) as Scarlet Thread, a band that was made up of five amazing individuals, one of whom decided to chase other similar pursuits in the journey to greatness, Threadstone has shown the average (or die-hard) music head that the most amazing thing about music is that you can define it yourself, it does not have to define you as a musician and as a listener.

“Called by God to play music” is what Charles says to me when I ask how they came this far some months ago in the dark of my student flat far away from here.  Umar and Aj believe that they were called to play concerts and change perceptions of faith, self-worth, confidence, patriotism and peace while Edache makes the room shake for the Rock. #PentecostAgain.#PercussionOfLife. They have been lauded by both secular alternative lovers, and Cool Jesus kids as the premier rock band; the new dawn in Nigerian music.

But as reviewer, what do I think? I think they are on fire for the Lord through  cutting-edge inspirational music. Notice I didn’t say Christian or Church music. The reason I didn’t say any of these is because I know from listening to them that they believe that as a band that your music should reflect who you are, without becoming a name tag or being a turn off to other lovers of your craft.

Wow. This life. Burn from their debut album, Miracle for a lost City just  came on.

A breath of fresh air. A reason to have faith in Nigerian music irrespective of your tribe or creed. A reason to love yourself and fight for what is right. The album is a mix of upbeat complex melodies and unforgettable choruses, each unique and beautiful and filled with life…eternal. A reflection of their hearts.

My top 3 tracks are: Alive, Desperate youth and I am Nigeria.

They are currently in Ghana selling out shows, being awesome, working on a sophomore album and meeting music greats from around the world.

Let’s show some love to Charles (“fisty”) Udeh. The amazing producer on the team; Keyboardist and bass. Umar Jawfu Mr E dey Blood… Lead guitar. Aj -(The Heat dey) *blush* Kafang, Vocalist and our Pentecost Percussionist Edache Ejoga. Ada nu L’ohi of life! hehe.

They. like Treadstone from Bourne Identity, are controlled by something.  But something greater. They are controlled by the Cornerstone.

They’ve got The answer.  Check eeet!

Album link on spotify!

Peace and Love,


Nugget: Wrote my debut single after a looong chat with Umar and Fisty! They made me, through Christ.

I love them.


Threadstone 3

My (not so formal) review of Don’t Kill the Disco. (#DKTD) by Olaolu. —>>>@PERVROCKER

17 Jan

Laolu's promo stuff 1.

For a Lagos, Nigeria born and bred mortal, the last thing one would think you would like is rock music of any kind. Then…trance? Ermm what is that???     *In an exasperated mother’s voice.*  But for Olaolu whose sole choice of lover in the world of music has always been rock we tell a different tale. Artistes like Jimmy Hendrix, U2, R.EM, Lenny Kravitz, Bon Jovi, Elton John, and Micheal Jackson are his prime musical influences. So in theory, that “started from the bottom” something has never really been something we could attribute to him. Why? He had always been up there with the big guys. According to him, Electronic/Trance music was a genre of music he  picked up later on in life and fell in love with. This genre of music also influenced his Electro-pop project and single Cosmic Love, His love for the freedom, energy and dramatic sound of electronica records have been his main attraction to the genre.

One cold day almost seven weeks ago, (yes I got it almost a week in advance of release date) :p I got mail with a heading that said something along the lines of: The Hit is here. I took a deep breath and hoped it was as great as his debut single Cosmic Love. He was good enough to hint me that at first listen I may not find it as intriguing as I should find it for me to be sure that it had the makings of a global hit. (Thank you, you are ever so kind) x

First listen. No fireworks.  Really. But as is a typical phenomenon of work produced by Bigfoot of Micworx. (The Maestro has produced cool kid favourites like ehh by Eva, Spinning by Boogey ft Ese Peters and one of my most loved tracks ever; Mercy, by Eva (did I ever tell you Eva is amazing?) Okay Nathalie this is Olaolu’s time to shine…

By the second listen I tried  something different. Turned out my lights. Increased my volume, closed my eyes and allowed the music take me. Then I felt it.

The melange of tribal rhythms and western percussion in sync with each other.  And as seemingly dissonant yet enjoyable rhythms and notes found my ears, I connected with the gentle coax of Olaolu’s versatile voice asking me to let go of my idea of the norm of what dance music should be and discover this amazing new way to live with loving music. He tells us what this seemingly new music is called and invites us to get lost in the TRANCE.

If you can’t find your way into this world, picture neon lights, monochrome jackets and hot (male) models.

(Oh you cant? Why? Oh. Jonah squad? Ah O ma se oh.)

And as is becoming the norm with Olaolu, he puts in a catch phrase  asking the world to dance in his birth Language- Beremole mu’jo mu’jo.

He intends to bring something new to the African Music Industry and also the World by merging the European Trance House sound and fusing it with Afro pop music to create an entirely new, different and exciting sound; as he told us just before this track dropped. If this is all he ever wanted to do in this life then boy, has he outdone himself.




And I re- used that photo cos I love staring at it! :p

Enjoy Olaolu’s  second single and follow up to cosmic love called #DONTKILLTHEDISCO here—–>

New Music!!! Gray Jonz- FALL.

13 Jan


Nigerian and African music has seen it’s own mix of music that tries rather hard not just to appeal to the entire continent but to the world at large. And within the last few years such tracks have indeed come forth. Those of us with the knowledge of how good music draws us all in can attest to the fact that any good song requires four major things. Amazing production, good and catchy lyrics, a beat and melody that is unforgettable and a voice that leaves a mark on the heart of its listener.

One act that brings all these to the table is (The Legendary) Gray Jonz; producer for some of the biggest African music heavyweights in the last decade including Djinee, M.I, Ice Prince, Dipp and the versatile indie Rapper/Singer and Performer Eva as well as a gifted Rapper and singer. 
He brought us tracks like Money(ft Base One) and Mi O Ran yan (ft. label mate Hayo Niel), produced Hayo Niels’s If I fall, produced Eva’s High, Co produced  Eva’s Never say Goodbye with Ese Peters and produced the euphemistic jewel we know as Lights Out. (Also by Eva)
His new single Fall is quite different from most of the music he has brought us so far.  This is largely because it is something very close to his heart. The lyrics tell his story of an attractive baller, hit hard by Cupid’s arrow. He makes amazing use of his vocal prowess in this song and brings in hints of afro- dance rhythms in the production making this the perfect song for a dreamy day in, or a sensual night ou on the tiles. In my opinion, ladies this here is a dream. And all you (m)heterosexual guys best go tune up and sing this to all those special ladies in your lives. Gats. Why? Any woman who hears that she has “stolen (your)cartridge” will gladly consider showing you her “mumu button.”
Doubt me?
Press Play.   

Remembering how to Fly.

8 Jan

Morning mortals, da_sweetthin is happy to be alive today. To achieve her dreams and to be a part of your lives in one shape or form.

Today, I shall be conquering my rather recent fear of prose. Ever since I began this website, I haven’t really written like I want to. Sadly, the reason I gave myself was that I could not find any inspiration for prose. But today, I shall test the waters again. Maybe in it this time, I may find a goldfish. This piece will be called Remembering how to Fly. See you on the  other side..


Xena was always told to reach for the stars. She had memorized her mother’s words as well as her father’s neatly crafted hand written pin-up memos that constantly said “Remember you are an eagle’s seed, whatever each new day may bring, we only ever coast above the rain clouds.”  But she was scared. It wasn’t that she did know what was expected of her; rather it was that she didn’t know whether her road to her mountain of rebirth, was the one which would be accepted by the eagles her parents were…

She was in her  fifth year in secondary school. Strangely it is was not that she was an unattractive young woman but she noticed that while seemingly plain girls like Tara and Zelda texted her every so often  about a cute boy that they had snogged or drank bootlegged vodka with on saint Finbar’s hockey pitch-the one by their semi-prefabricated school, an eyesore in an otherwise classy neo-urban suburb somewhere between Malahide and Fox-Rock, her phone barely beeped. And when Saul called her from her bio lab to ask if she was still feeling ill, she had heard her mother scream “no go carry belle for anybody oh!” more times than she would like to openly admit. The urine tube that Dr Gerald would give her prior to yet another mandatory pregnancy test at the early stages of her painfully irregular feminine cycle was the singular thing she saw in her head when ever Finton tried to touch her. If it meant a negative test result, this hormonal imbalance the crass call having a bull’s horn; she could not even say she was horny without feeling like the ground would swallow her would have to cool down for Jesus.

But as the years went by, she had learnt to experiment with a whole lot(for her at least) of things. She discovered that the fact that her parents said she must have a degree in aeronautic engineering did not mean she could not play recorder all her life after they had spent money on an expensive uni somewhere far away from the homes that she knew complete with money for Vodka and red bull. The fact that a man said I will wait did not mean he wasn’t having sex with someone else, it just meant if he had patience he was waiting. For now at least. And when he left, you would find out, he would never tell you and you had to be fine with it and in the long run you definitely will though, after all, “E never collect” no?

She kept journals. First paper then private zip file journals. Of the many times she had thought of many risque things that Udoka, Busayo and Imoh had sent her to ease the pain that they apparently saw in her eyes when they skyped her. Because as they said, she should make the trip to them so she can ‘feel alright.’ (I look like CBN for your Eye?)—ppl be forming Marleyon a sister. Ann Summers vouchers, money, some dodgy little link obviously linked to a sea of *blue feem*. Her life was the epitome of dark.

But she was a woman who believed she could always find God and that He’d find her before she thought that he needed her.

This is the only reason she could really feel the need to see a new year. To be here, In the magic that is right now.

This is where she remembers that like an eagle you do not lose feathers on the ground, but on a mountain. And as you cannot fly with bald wings, you must wait, long and hard for new feathers, to fly. Time makes every scar unnoticeable.  (almost) . Like a new robe.

Isaiah 43:19

For Laraba.

Oh and thank you heaven, for Diddles. xo


Have you ever felt like this? Or know someone who does?

*Based on true  events. And very unscripted*