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Much ado about Olaolu.

21 Nov

Laolu's promo stuff 1.

So when you see a delectable human lean against a tree I want to believe that you would whistle on by no?

Well maybe not if you are male; with social contexts being different and what not…moving swiftly on.

This versatile model is none other than Electro/Trance crooner and Nigeria’s very own rock starlet, Olaolu. AKA @PERVROCKER. I remember being a newbie in the game myself and being keen to learn to blend in. When I discovered Olaolu, all I knew was that he trended round global twitter for his outspoken charm and candid sensual wit.  A year down the line, I have the following to say of him.

He has turned out to be more than most #TWITTERCELEBS under 30. His intellect remains largely unrivaled as is his skill and attention to detail show forth in not just his recorded music but at live shows and plays which he has performed in within the last 12 months including with the acclaimed Adesola Osakalumi of FELA! on Broadway.In In relation to his music, his decision to be musically different and work on a genre relatively seen as the underdog meant he has no fear of not being accepted. About a year ago I remember asking if he had cold feet and he literally LOLd. and retorted with a ‘no babe fear does not make very many hits.’ (or something along those lines). His debut studio single Cosmic Love has literally been played worldwide with listeners in over three continents being infected by the virus of his distinctive sound and to the point lyrics. He also makes it clean cut at the same time. (Ha NBC! you aint got nuffin’ on this one!)  :p

This has taken him places many newbies can only  dream. …Think Eva Alordiah (my only girl crush in the world), The Legendary Jesse Jagz on the same Stage at the American University of Nigeria’s homecoming just a few days ago and over 21 weeks on DJ Daley’s  Urban Vibes Show on 90.3 Near FM Dublin.

(Aside) Yes almost half the year people! Who do you know that’s as good?

Oh and …

Did I mention the FELA! theatre play in AUN? Yeah I did. Voila!

AUN play Laolu

Like all reviewers of music and art, I have often wondered if he will be here for more than this quick spell. I believe the future for this act is very bright as his second single Don’t Kill The Disco will be out before you can say ‘More’. Ehh I’d say groan but I’d just carry on and do this right.  :* And as you can see regardless art will hear his voice. Pictures speak and what not.

If you still haven’t heard the track Cosmic Love, here is how>>>>>>

Oh and ff the Following on Twitter:




@Bigfoot_MICWORX producer of both mentioned singles. He makes the world spin.

And the amazing Baddest DJ @DJDaley

Peace and Love