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Bouncing Back

20 Sep

Bouncing Back.


Bouncing Back

20 Sep


da_sweetthin here.


Here is hoping you all have had an amazing week so far and have achieved what you set out to this week. For those of us that haven’t done so, #justBelieve.


So I had many plans to publish flesh of certain ideas that I have had since our last interaction. However, some rather important things have happened both to and around me that have made me question what I stand for both in and with my life.

Because of this, I named this post to signify something new.


For the rest of this post, I shall share an auto-fictional ramble in the first person. Then we can have a chat. 😀


The fire that you allow to catch your clothes will burn you to ashes. That was what I thought I heard in one classic nollywood movie. I think it was in one of the Evil Men series installments.  (Pete Edochie Sayings) #Legend.


As I grew older fire meant different things to me.Not just the sting of candle wax or the burn of an angry mother’s gas burner. But a craving to discover why I was ever made. It meant discovering that I had to discover also, the difference between the crave for an experiment and this thing called love.


I have had to discover that love is the sweetest thing ever and it’s a double ended sword. But you must choose that it makes you precious, stronger and beautiful.


Yesterday I wanted something. Closure I think it was. For all those nights I cried and told Olateju that I felt like a refined diamond thrown back into oblivion by the one who watched me get here; who assured me that I can.


The wordless lullabies, the laugher, the love and the regal tenderness never really were enough to make us remember we were mortal. We were our Iris…glimpsing heaven through each other’s eyes forgetting that earth was in our glance, and heaven was but out of reach.



The root of all betrayal.




Never in the dark you are my light, even if the switch is off.( I’m allowedto blame PHCN no?)


After all, (Ife)bonijuasolaralo.*


So I shall bounce back. And wait for love’s covering.





so talk to me about love and bouncing back.




Te amo,







* Love covers better than clothes can.


(Not) Tempted to Touch. But wanting to. Why am I the sinner? What about you? ,

17 Sep
  1. Morning world.

Here’s hoping that everyone is healthy, happy and strong.

Today, I will begin what I would like to call lay off (my) chest Tuesdays. I will talk about things i think about during the time leading up to that Tuesday in whatever way the thoughts spring forth and you would have the opportunity to chime in on it.

Today, I will talk about these things in monologues, based on the title.

  1. Name your price, I’m in.

Whatever the weather, don’t worry, I’m in. As long you’ll put something down for my skin. I could be Mary, Carey or even Magdalene. It really doesn’t matter, as long as I win.

The girls sneer in jest when I step out to eat. Because I bought that ride, they mouth whore in cheek.

They don’t know I see when I beg for the the D.

Even if its free they just want to say

-He likes me.

Some of their fathers openly deride girls like me.

The same ones they pay up in pounds just to ride.

While their mothers would stay up to cry.

But really, what is my own?

Just thinking aloud,

Not here to chide.

2. They don’t know what it feels like to be one of us. Or do they?


I had always wanted a life like one of those Disney princesses. But lets just say dreams are for rookies, in this regard. All the guys wanted more than an (e)motionless kiss and holding some girl’s grubby hands and spying her uneven finger nails.


She told me that there was indeed a way that I could be the chaste little church girl and still touch the sky. It was after Banji gave the ultimatum. Rounds had it that he swung both ways but I didn’t care. He was a good guy. But I did not want mistakes. So I followed Tia down her path. After school, she introduced me to the elite club. The place where the jailers let their hair down.

The scarlet virgin wants out. But these people have my neck. Spoke to banji later. He said Chief D– on his road led him into it as a child. The same man who signed the criminalization bill into force.

Sins of a People.


That’s it for now.

What dou you think about double standards?




Scarlet Thread

16 Sep


Mirroring purple.
Too deep to be just red.
The colour we are thankful for when we are scared we erm…(sigh)—
Wet the bed.
(you know by now that I’m a girl. Moving ahead…)

The Colour of Sin.
The one that mirrors me
And everyone else that seams a little too eager to win.

And yes I said seam. Because this life is not just in the mind. It is a tailor’s patchwork quilt and dress and don’t-know-what.
In which we all do seem to get a little caught up.


Well obviously we know what that is right?
I should really stop no?
(If you thought I would, you can now go. 😔)

I kid.

The more stable alternative to tape or glue
That we can get in white, red or blue.
The reason we don’t have to fret
When a pristine wedding dress
Seems like a heel as wrecked its train.
The reason we can smile again.

Why Scarlet Thread you may ask
Well recently my head did rack
Itself about what was in a name.

Scarlet thread is heaven’s love
That doesn’t wipe away the past-which is why we still have scars
But leaves us better yet by far
As we being scarlet can now boast of something that makes able to…

…start abundant life anew

For G-force and Scarlet Thread.