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Just Jist really!

19 Apr

Hey people! da_sweetthin has returned from her sojourn.

I have missed u all very much., and it is my desire to  have a chat. (I’d include with you, but I think we all know who with so…)  🙂 Here’s hoping that all those days I had to spend away from you all were filled with joy and peace.

I have successfully completed two tasks and beaten two deadlines at uni, (tempted to say “Like a boss(ette), but I will allow God reign yo!) I’ve also proceeded to record amazing music like we discussed at the beginning of this journey. So far, I’m totally loving it.

This does mean that I have less time to exist outside of a schedule but joor tori Olorun (Please in a more elaborate way- in Yoruba) I totally feel like a I have a purpose in life. Now recording a track for an Intellectual property  Law assignment. (*I stay mute on the rest*).

Testing amazing sounds and stuff. And being the regular girl next door. Semi-Nerd.

Can I ask a question? Has there ever been a time when you just wake up and feel like there is more to life? Is life telling you that there are things you have left undone? Had a week like that recently. You wanna know what I think?

There most definitely are such things which you know could make you so happy but you aren’t doing those things yet or worse still you sit wondering whether people will accept you for what you do or even wonder why they fail to accept your for what you do when you do it.

The truth about life is we can never find lasting joy if we let the above scenarios weigh us down.

All we need to do what we must is the belief that there is a far greater reason why we are here than we will ever know and realising that allowing ourselves to miss our chances in life as well as letting the feelings of others towards us detract us from what we must do is the beginning of our downward spiral into the depths of despair, failure and oblivion.

I just felt I must let that all out. I was listening to Mercy by Eva and I thought someone needs to read this, somewhere. So err… Yeah! *drops metaphorical mic*

So I shall let us rest now yeah? Back in a few. 🙂  Then sleep early, ahead of the busy studio day ahead of me tomorrow.

*Lemon tea and *Ife wa gbono*’s concocting skills, (She’s a really good cook) await us!

A bientot!,




The Innards of My consciousness…and something more.

11 Apr

Deep inside the mind of a girl not so far away, resided many things she had wanted to share with the world but couldn’t. Everyone would ask why she had such trouble but the problem was never really one which she could voice. It was always referred to as something we “wouldn’t understand” and as consequence we felt like we had no choice and left her in her musings and endless soliloquys. Questions about where she would be and where she would go  if she had a chance to open up her mind like saw seemingly countless others do, filled her mind like a river whose banks are far outstretched.

Has anyone ever wondered what Oya did when she cried? Can we but think of why Sango saw a maiden by the river that no one else saw? I have. She did.

She cried because she saw a need to exist outside being just a beautiful Goddess confined to the paradoxical prison of worship and as one confined to the river bank, she chose the next best thing. And not only did she find it, she used it. Crying was not just to arouse the pity of a sympathetic mortal, it was in fact,  the only way which she had found a tool to show that she was more than who mortals knew her as.

She showed her beauty, her skill and her prowess as a goddess yet as a mortal. She showed that she could be both. And be them effortlessly.

Sango only saw the asset that she was because he had evidently realised that the best of things only come to those who are willing to look where no one else had looked, to find something that no one else would expect to find.

He in fact became a god envied in myth because he had found a treasure and treated it as such.

The girl awakens to realise that she is not an object of myth, but a woman with so much inside. 

She has chosen to make a change, leave her mark, speak about her issues. Cry if she must. But be the best that she can be.

That girl, is da_sweetthin.

And my decision to make my mark?

My brand new single #BeautifulThings

and 4 Covers to amazing songs which together I have titled #CoversOfMyAmazingLife

The songs which will make this list are as follows:

1) Never Say Goodbye by Eva- (@EvaAlordiah)

2) Die Young by Ke$ha

3) You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship

4) Omote by  Ese Peters. ( for this I shall replace Omote, with Omovo, because this makes the gender more appropriate for the cover.) 🙂


So there! We’ve just gone through a part of me I was pondering on how to share. (Oh and I’ve just shared some major news with all of you) *confetti*

I shall share photos and the entire experience with all of you as we go along.

Have an amazing day.

Remember to #share

Je t’aime,

(Yes, for me each one of you that reads this is just as special.)




To Doubt or not to doubt. (and this time it is not just a cliche question mirroring Hamlet.)

4 Apr


(Greetings earthlings!!!)

da_sweetthin here.

I really do hope that everyone had  a peaceful night and has made a decision to make a difference at least in their own lives today. I believe in altruism but if you can’t love yourself enough to make a difference in your own life, then I’m sorry you can never really make a difference anywhere else.

 Lunch was great to taste, but got me feeling bloated and rather unwell even into this morning. Moral: Fish not made to order or at home is a no no. Even with advertised health benefits.

This morning I put the bloat behind me (at least I tried) and gleefully observed my daily silence until 10am. This is something I took away from a year at the most amazing yet the most scarring (tempted to say I kid but I really kid you not) experience of my life in a certain Nigerian Roman Catholic ‘citadel of learning for girls’. The period of daily silence has become the time in which I learn from the experiences of the days before, resolve to do something new and thank God for his mercies. In this time today, I had read through my devotional-The BBM BC version…yes BCs are good too, freshened up and discovered that I was pissed off about a lot of things that had been going on around me of late within the last few days and rather than just speak out about them, I decided I’d keep them all in because in my opinion, I was bigger and better than the ‘children’ who irritated me with almsot everything including their existence.

Then I realised that one of the reasons why their attitudes had begun irritating me was because I had recently realised that I was now sitting at the final days of my degrees and as such I was getting a tad apprehensive. I had seen that with the deadlines drawing closer I had failed to get a grip on a few otherwise regular worries.

Then I asked myself the biggest question of my existence. So what next? After the worry, fear, cringing, crying and falling ill-which I have done at every exam prep period since I remember, without fail-I just tell myself that I must find a worthy distraction so as not to crash and burn. Even if it doesn’t work at first, trying again shows you are strong enough not to give up. *Humming Aliyah*

Then I remembered my tour guide in First year four years ago. She had just got a 2.2 in Bio informatics. I said oh. And then she says:

I literally got 59.5% and a 60 is a 2.1. But my family is proud. I could have dropped out but I’m here and I didn’t get a pass.

That got me. She was just beginning her masters programme in my uni and she said to me that I must never fear but do my best.

I waltzed into the taxi to my lecture feeling refreshed and resolved. I had everythig to look forward to-graduation, this blog, an amazing future and those interviews…oh

And a lecture in 15 yikes!

Sai Anjima ko?

(see you all soon ok?)


My not-so-literary Rhapsody (yup, Bohemian)

3 Apr

Hi world, da_sweetthin here.

I know we said I was going bohemian but I figured why not be as free and realistic as I can be with my followers (and eventual fans). Today was meant to be a boring work day. Beat a deadline, make some calls, finish course work and stay alive but yeah, I felt I needed to do something more with myself today.  And so, after promising to write more on day 30 of the Days of Hope Challenge on Olatoxic’s blog ———-!/read/blog/id/22922052/, a budding musical ‘experiment’ (don’t worry, I can actually sing-on a good day) 🙂 and my desire to branch out of organised style and fashion publishing (Jorie magazine) as well as regular (make that irregular) literary and entertainment blogging —– and have some fun, I ended up here. At the moment, we may find some glitches but in a while we will find this worth while. In the meantime though, I shall reveal that I have planned a fashion based interview with the amazing young Nigerian designer Wanger Ayu. Also, we’ll be talking to fast rising Nigerian Rocker, Olaolu.  Do watch this space.

And the experiment? we’ll get to sample it here soon.

Right now, I think Lunch calls me.

I’ll see you all soon.


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